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Hey ZBeauties, 

     We are genuinely grateful for all the support and want to say “thank you” for choosing  ZBeauty! We are a small, female owned business and put our heart in all we do for you - fellow  queens. As fraternal twins, the one thing we’ve always had in common is our passion for all things beauty. We started watching tutorials on Youtube which led to spending hours in Sephora or Ulta where we learned to swatch makeup as we tested each and every new, hot product. This progressed to giving our friends and family advice before advancing to doing hair and makeup for all sorts of events. All along learning the wonders (and pitfalls) of the beauty industry. Since the start of high school, we were focused on launching our own mainstream beauty brand. Now thanks to your support, our dream has come true. 

Our mission in a word is to be the best. The best for our customers, supporters, and followers across all we offer. We thrive to become a brand you rely on because of the amazing beauty outcomes we deliver.  We pride ourselves on delivering vegan, cruelty-free, cosmetic grade products of the highest quality. We believe beauty stems from within and strive to match your inner beauty with outer beauty with all ZBeauty has to offer.  

We also strive to “open people’s eyes to the wonders of beauty,” so check out our blog to gain new product insight, get educated on leading-edge techniques to accelerate your makeup journey, and understand the best product fit for your unique style. We cover it all, so be sure to stay engaged and stay tuned for what’s to come :)

The Twins

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